01 05

The task.

Urban Define urban sources for the most unique and high quality executive lifestyle products within and out of “The Little Red Dot�.

We created a mobile friendly website that serves their new and existing customers perfectly, while giving them an unforgettable experience. We also created a customised CMS for our client to update their website.

02 05

The design.

Gummi bears cake chocolate powder. Wafer halvah biscuit cheesecake. Lemon drops topping lemon drops dessert liquorice

03 05

Mobile experience.

The website shows the quality of the designs perfectly on any device.

04 05

The client.

"Thank you for the beautiful website. The CMS so easy to use!"

Cecilia - Director
05 05

The results.

We are very proud to have achieved the following results for this project.


mobile traffic increase


increase in average time spent on website


bounce rate

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